DayDreamZzz Cushions are Available on These Styles

70 Frame 120 Frame 121 Frame 125 Frame
Cushions so comfortable, you’ll forget to open the bed!

What makes this cushion different? We start with a 1.8 lb high-density polyurethane foam core and surround it with a 1.75” convoluted foam topper for reliable support. Then we top it off with a 1.5 oz. high-loft fiber wrap to enhance comfort. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty.
DayDreamZzz cushions are featured on our Deep Sleep Collection Frame styles, which are deeper than standard sleeper frames.

DayDreamZzz Cushions

Overnight Sofa cushions and cushioning materials are warranted for one year from date of purchase. DayDreamZzz cushions feature a five-year limited warranty on cushions. Cushion warranty must contain foam or spring components, not all down cushions. All back and throw pillows will soften and flatten with normal use and will conform to the user’s shape. This shall be considered normal wear and shall not be considered a loss of shape or a material manufacturing defect.

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